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eSkde Petrol Cultivator Rotovator Tiller Kit 52cc 2-Stroke Air Cooled, 4x4 Blades Powerful TI52-S8

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eSkde Petrol Cultivator Rotovator Tiller Kit 52cc 2-Stroke Air Cooled, 4x4 Blades Powerful TI52-S8

Make lightwork of preparing your garden for planting with the fantastic TI52-S8 2 Stroke Petrol tiller/cultivator/rotovator from eSkde.

Combining an extremely efficient 52cc Single Cylinder Air Cooled engine with heavy duty metal tines allow the machine to effortlessly prepare your garden and vegetable patch with ease. From getting ready to plant, tidying up those compacted flower beds or leveling off some built up ground - the eSkde TI52-S8 will do the job in a fraction of the time of manual tools - and your back will thank you for it!

The eSkde TI52-S8 has ergonomic handles (rather than a traditional straight bar) to help direct and guide the machine to the specific area to be cultivated.

It has a working width of 35cm which is perfect for working in beds or working in vegetable furrows and with its 4 x 4 blade tilling system it is twice as efficient as some heavier more cumbersome traditional twin blade machines.

It has a compact design and a removable handle system making it easy to transport from home to the allotment and with a large 1200ml fuel tank you will be able to cover a much larger area without the need to refuel.

The eSkde range of garden tools offers a solution for every occasion, their rugged and sturdy design stands out amongst the crowd and allows even the toughest of tasks to be completed with ease.


  • 4 x 4 Blade Heavy Duty Cutting Splines
  • Removable Handle for easy storage and transportation
  • Powerful and efficient 52cc 2 Stroke Petrol Engine
  • Single Cylinder Air Cooled Engine with 25:1 Fuel Mix
  • Diaphragm Carburetor
  • C.D.I Ignition System
  • Max Power - 2.2kw/6500 - 7000rpm
  • Idle Speed - 2800 - 3200rpm
  • Large 1200ml Fuel Tank
  • 35cm effective tilling width - perfect for beds, furrows and borders
  • 20cm effective tilling depth - perfect for plating and breaking up blocks of soil
  • Weight - 15kg