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eSkde 5 in 1 Petrol Garden Multi Function Tool Strimmer Brush Cutter Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer MT52-S23

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A perfect solution to all your gardening tasks in one easy to use package. This powerful multi tool is centered around a tough and reliable 52cc 2-stoke petrol engine which provides oodles of power to any of the supplied attachements, including, the hedge trimmer, chainsaw/pruner, brushcutter and strimmer. Also included for those hard to reach places is a handy extension pole giving even more reach to the user. When its time to change tasks simply swap attachments on the simple and easy to use split-shaft system. This unit is also supplied with a comfortable double shoulder harness allowing the user greater control whilst carry out those all important garden maintenance tasks.


Brushcutter & Strimmer

  • Supplied with 3 Teeth Metal Blade and Nylon Thread Spool
  • Cutting Diameter with Blade - 255mm
  • Cutting Diameter with Spool - 410mm
  • Total Length with Power Unit 186cm

Hedge Trimmer

  • Blade Length - 430mm
  • Tooth Spacing - 23mm
  • Angle Adjustment from 90 - 270 Degrees
  • Total Length with Extension Pole - 310cm (230cm without extension pole)

Chainsaw / Pruner

  • Blade Length - 300mm
  • Chain Length - 300mm
  • Oil Tank - 150ml
  • Total Length with Extension Pole - 295mm (215mm without extension pole)

Extension Pole

  • 80cm Long Reach Extension Pole

Included Accessories

  • Double Shoulder Harness
  • Fuel Mixing Bottle
  • User Guide / Manual
  • Tool Kit


  • Engine Type - Air Cooled
  • Displacement - 52cc
  • Fuel Type - 2 Stroke, 30:1 Ratio
  • Maximum Output - 1.4Kw / 6500rpm
  • Carburetor - Diaphragm Type
  • Ignition - Non Contact Electronic
  • Starter - Recoil Pull Start
  • Fuel Tank - 1.2Litre